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Stonks network is a decentralized crypto-based platform and financial tool that aims to create awareness towards the importance of diversifying one's digital assets for the purposes of building wealth and protecting it from severe market manipulation. Our systems will relief you of the stress of finding and investing in the sea of crypto projects out there.

Not Just Great Stonks

Crypto Investment Platform

Investors will have more homework to do when selecting the right product. Fully emerged in the global universe of crypto, Stonks Network will provide the tools and information to help you on the path of financial independence.

Why Should You?

Free, Scalable, Decentralized and Rewarding

Tomorrow's landscape looks more crowded, more competitive and more complex. Whatever you think of the future, it’s clear that Web 3.0 is here to stay.


Crypto Baskets

Stonks Network provides plenty of diversification in a single fund and allows users to prove their generating abilities.

STNK Token

STNK protocol token performs a wide variety of functions aiming to reproduce traditional financial-system functions.

Earn Bitcoin for free

If anything, use your tokens to participate in the weekly draw. The selection is automatic and you'll receive the week's bounty directly in your crypto wallet!
There's more to Stonks

The Stonks Network NFT Collection

Stonk NFTs are not there to only help our community grow, but unlike others, they will serve a key role in the future development of the platform.



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